Fog Horses 3D Screensaver

Fog Horses 3D Screensaver

Fog Horses 3D Screensaver gives you beauty and peace
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Everybody needs a moment or moments of peace and solitude to be able to think clearly. One of the best places to feel that way will be a nice plain or forest, where no sounds can be heard except those of nature.
Fog Horses 3D Screensaver gives you beauty and peace.
This very relaxing screensaver will take you on a journey to a far away place. A place where few humans have been. A place belonging only to wild horses. You will be watching a breath-taking scenes of the forest all covered with fog during the sunrise. No one is there, except a few local residents: horses. The scene is completely relaxing. No noises. Only the sounds of the wind and an occasional horse sound. The sun rises in the horizon while the horses start moving around the place, stopping to eat some grass. They hardly make a noise as if they didn’t want to disturb the scenery.
At the same time, a nice soft music will be playing in the background, adding a sense of tranquility that will surely make you relax and forget about all your daily troubles and routine. The scene looks so realistic that you might even start feeling the coolness of the morning.
Fog Horses 3D Screensaver will surely help you to unwind and gather energy to continue the everyday struggle. It will surely become one of your favorite screensavers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful scenery
  • Nice fog effect
  • Good music


  • Maybe for some people, the scene will be too "slow"
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